International Healthcare Insurance is dedicated to the uplift-ment of fellow individuals that seem to have been or feel downtrodden by recent American health care reform laws. Now before I offend anyone, I understand that there are those that have truly been blessed through Obamacare and being able to finally qualify for health insurance. Now on the other hand there are a lot out there that have really struggled with the strict demands of insurance that seem to only be getting worse.

So in the spirit of full transparency this blog will attempt to educate and promote discussion in regards to how healthcare insurance works on a global level. Take for instance Switzerland or Canada who runs off of a more socialist society concept where every citizen should have the natural right to health care coverage and it is therefore the Countries responsibility to furnish it’s people that type of protection.

The United States on the other hand has more of a attitude of every man, woman and child fend for themselves. This works in a free enterprise, but neglects to incorporate the basic concept of financial status and opportunity. The upper class will remain at that level and the lower class will have to fight with everything in their power to break through that glass ceiling. I am aware that this statement alone can be controversial and that is hopefully the point as healthcare insurance is equally controversial and currently a hot topic.

Another great topic relating to healthcare is the presidential election of 2016. A lot hangs on the future of America and especially reforming the already flawed reformed healthcare insurance bill. So stay tuned and grab your favorite microwavable popcorn and cuddle up to your lap top and let the good times roll. I truly appreciate your input and therefore would greatly welcome your comments. This blog is intended to be organic in nature and will hopefully evolve into something we can all claim as ours. So read the posts and make sure to share this with your friends and let’s see just how large of a following we can create on here.

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