Healthy Alternatives

Month: October 2015

I am here to offer a few alternative health choices/options today which may potentially keep you out of the doctors office. Now don’t get me wrong as I am not an anti-doctorite. I simply just believe there is more than one way to skin a cat. On that same note, I love kittens and would never want to skin a cat as well. So without further delay, I wanted to share a few different healthy alternatives that will definitely keep you happy, healthy and away from the doctors office.

The first idea is simple. Eat less fatty/sugar foods and go outside and do more active adventures with friends, family or alone. The bottom line is to be physically active by getting out of the house more often. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to go into direct sunlight for vitamin D to help fight off depression, etc. Another great anti-depressant is to go out and socialize. Go out to dinner, go on walks with loved ones. Go on hikes or amusement parks, etc. The sky is the limit here with all the possibilities, the main point here is to open the door to the great wide open and get out and play and socialize and be an active part of your neighborhood and community.

The other form of alternative healing besides things like yoga and meditation, etc. is natural homeopathic. Essential oils to be precise. I will not share any specific brand, only that it is important you do your homework and make sure the ones you research can prove how they are pure, not diluted or re-manufactored and t=so that is why you are getting a lower than average market price.

There are so many different oils and combination of oils for so many different results. I will not bore you but can say I personally have experienced a boosted immune system with an extreme ability to avoid cold and other household symptoms when everyone else int eh home has it. I have also experienced boosts in energy and overall happiness. This may sound crazy, but all I can say is for you to do the research yourself. Happy hunting!

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