Insurance for your Pet!

I wanted to bring up a topic that is not so serious yet still relevant and truly still thought provoking. As you can read in the title, I wanted to discuss the topic of obtaining insurance for your household pet which is usually your dog or cat. I am not sure just how far the bounds of animal pet insurance goes though. As far as having your bird (parakeet, pigeon, part, etc.) or horse or hamster, gerbil, mouse, snake, rat goldfish and all the other species of fish, pot belly pig, and so on and so on. I don’t even know where to begin or how those insurance companies that do provide coverage for animals know where to cut it off. On a different note, how do they measure what is coverable or not? Perhaps one of the readers on this website/post can chime in and explain this better to a novice of animal insurance.

I can see the wisdom in having your pet covered with health insurance if your pet is always sick or has a disease or needs certain surgeries, etc. What I am curious about is how do you measure the deductible or allow or not allow an animal based on pre-existing conditions or is there any such thing in existence with animals? It truly is a bizarre type of coverage to have indeed. You would think that animal insurance is a good thing to have n the receiving end, however on the providing end it makes you wonder why they would do knowing that it fully is meant to be a for profit venture. I just have a really hard time thinking that any animal health insurance company truly has your pet’s best interest in mind. Maybe they do, stranger things have happened.

One final thought to leave you all with as I do not expect there to be any answers or comments to this strange post. Nevertheless, I wanted to bring up this topic and see what responses if any that I may stir up in any of you. So here is my final thought, what if there was a bill that mandated all American pet owners to obtain an animal health insurance policy for their pet? At first it sounds crazy right? In all actuality it is no different than Obamacare forcing us to get health insurance because it is in the best interest of Americans. Even crazier, you will be penalized for not getting insurance if you do not want it. So why not expand this concept to all forms of those covered with insurance to prove a point that we cannot be treated like dogs as we deserve basic freedoms such as to get health insurance or not. At this point, this is food for thought. Please leave a comment if you either agree or disagree, I am always open to learning and I am sure everyone here has some type of information on the matter. If not, oh well, life goes on and so shall we then.