Dental Care

We have this dental insurance plan right now that requires a waiting period for any services other than the regular six month cleanings.  We used to have dental insurance that didn’t have any waiting periods at all.  If the dentist said we needed a filling and we had a cavity or two we could schedule an appointment as soon as they could fit us in.  We usually had any follow up work done within a week of the cleaning.

The current waiting periods for our insurance plan, I won’t give the name or too many details, but we have to wait six months for any basic services which includes mainly cavities, sealants, extractions, root canals and root planing.  But this too may vary by the insurance company and plan you have.  For any major services, the waiting period is 18 months.  If we need anything major done, for example:  implants,  crowns, bridges, or oral surgery we have to wait 18 months after we sign up to get any of this work done.

On the other hand, my children get a preventative child care plan.  I think they call it a pediatric dental plan.  This pediatric dental plan is part of their health insurance plan.  It only covers the basic cleaning every six months as well as some x-rays.  I am glad my wife was able to take my daughters to the dentist for the first time recently.  Only to find out though that our oldest has 3 cavities and the dentist recommended sealants for a number of her teeth.  After they showed my wife a breakdown of the cost of getting the fillings and the sealants and gave her the print out, she called me to explain what went down and what the cost would be to get the work done at the kid’s dental office.  Thank goodness we know about this place that works with a hygienist school, in fact, it’s a dental office behind the school that offers dental work for 1/2 price.

Instead of continuing our dental insurance, for my wife and I, we will probably not continue paying the premium because we are paying $50 something dollars a month for what?  Oh yeah, for a cleaning and x-rays.  We will take our business to 1/2 price dental, even for our kid’s.  It will be about $200 cheaper to go there to get my daughters fillings and sealants taken care of promptly, instead of waiting until who knows when to use the pediatric plan that we have for our children which doesn’t cover squat.