To cover or not to cover? Are you covered by your insurance?

I have a friend that lives in Salt Lake City Utah and they have a son who was messing around and running around their house acting like an out of control 8 year old.  What happened next was crazy!  This son was obviously not paying attention to his surroundings when he tripped over a rug and fell into the window of their great room.  The window shattered and the boy’s arms were all mangled and cut up.  Gratefully, they were able to find a window company who replaced home windows.  They were great to work with and got the window replaced right away.  The worst part about all of this is that my friend’s health insurance wouldn’t cover diddly-squat when it came to caring for his son’s injuries and their visit to the emergency room.

Does your insurance plan cover emergency room visits?  If they do, how much does it cost for an emergency room visit?  Well, my friend in Utah had a rude awakening when he got the hospital bill, learning that the insurance company didn’t cover the emergency room visit at all.  Now they are stuck with a $10,000 plus hospital bill that they will be trying to pay off for years to come.  My friend and his wife are so unhappy with the insurance plan they have and on top of everything they have been through they are disappointed because they thought that things were supposed to get better with Obama Care.

Are you happy with Obama Care?  Did you have insurance through your employer prior to Obama Care?  Maybe you did and you are happy with the insurance options your employer has to offer.  Maybe you didn’t have health insurance and you were just going without until you found out that with Obama Care you would be penalized if you didn’t sign up for an insurance plan.  Which boat are you in?  I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with your insurance plan and Obama Care.  Go ahead and comment and share with me to let me know your feelings on this health care reform that was supposed to make the health insurance options in America better.